Alerts and Notifications

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Resource Qualifications

In Settings –> Resource Qualifications you can create new Qualifications that can be used to manage and vet your contractors’ capability and qualifications. To set up a qualification select the Add Qualification button at the top-left of the page: This creates a row in the qualifications list where you can Name the qualification Set Validation Required For Instruction which […]

Job Alerts

The Job Alerts list allows you to view and track alerts that have been assigned to jobs. The grid allows you to list alerts by job details, alert details, or alert actions. For example, simply click on “Job Details” under the Job Details section to arrange the alerts:     Clicking on the job number will bring you to the Job […]

Email Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be set up for users and contractors for a multitude of circumstances. These notification settings can be tailored by user, or can be set up by User Type; from which multiple users can inherit. Email templates can be customised in the Settings -> Email Templates area: (Under 5 different tabs)     […]

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