Remote Request QR Codes

For existing and newly created Assets, Sites, Locations or Sub locations a ‘Remote Request QR Code’ will be automatically generated. This will not effect Qr Codes that are already generated on the system. This link can be distributed to people either as a URL or printed as a Qr Code. When accessed, it will link […]

Asset Tree View

The Asset Tree View allows you to view all Assets and what Site, Location or Sub-location they are associated to. The view can be filtered by the filters at the top of the page. Clicking the orange arrow beside any site will expand the view to show locations and sub-locations and associated assets. Clicking on […]

Assets Overview

The Assets area is where you can create / upload and manage all your assets. The Assets list displays all your assets. The Assets list can be filtered by selecting the Filers button. You can also sort the grid by selecting any of the column headings, or refine the grid further by choosing which columns you wish to display. This can be done […]

Assets List

The Assets list displays all your assets. You can create a new asset from this view by selecting the New Asset button at the top-right of the page: The Assets list can be filtered by selecting the Filers button shown above, which will reveal a number of filtering options:   You can also sort the grid by selecting any of the column headings, […]

Asset Details

The Asset Details area allows you to view and manage all relevant information about a specific asset: The Asset Details view can be accessed by clicking on the asset name in the Assets list.   1. The Asset Details tab allows you to view and manage the basic asset information such as the description. class, asset / model / serial number. site / […]

Asset Classes & Sub Classes

The Asset Classes area allows you to view, edit, delete, and create new Asset Classes & Sub Classes to help categorise your assets. Asset classes are important for PPM association. When creating a Planned Schedule by Asset you can choose the Asset Class so you will be provided with a list of all Assets in that Asset Class […]

Asset Attributes

Asset Attributes allows you to capture extra information about your assets. You can set up a form of fields / questions and then associate the form to a collection of assets. You can set up as many forms as you would like and associate the Asset Attribute to one or more assets. In each asset you can access […]

Asset Statuses, Out of Service and In Service Settings

The Asset Statuses, Out of Service and In Service Settings allows you to view, edit, delete, or create a new Job / Asset Status. Asset Status Selecting Add Status at the top-left of the page triggers an input field in the existing list for you to add your new status title. You can also set it to indicate whether there […]

Asset Management in the Apps

Asset Management is now possible in the Trackplan Manager app and the Trackplan Resource app. You can manage your assets on the go with ease. You can Add, Edit Raise a Job against an Asset or add QR Code for that Asset via the Apps.   The in-app asset management feature allows you to view […]

QR Codes

Within Trackplan you have the option to attach QR codes to Assets, Sites, Locations, Sub Locations or even a Job so when the Job task is emailed to the contractor or sent down to the Resource App or Contractors Portal the QR code will be available to scan. Scanning the QR code when the Contractor […]

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