Price Catalogues

The Price Catalogues module can be found via the finance module on the side bar. (By default only Full Access users have access to this module). Price Catalogues and Price Catalogue Items can be uploaded via our upload centre or created one by one. 2. Each Resource can have a Default Price Catalogue and this […]


Set up projects and allocate jobs and their costs to a project. Great for managing projects such as new builds or refurbishments. Navigate to Finance –> Projects. The main list as seen below provides important information for each Project. Click Create to be directed to the Create Project Screen.   Once saved you will be directed to […]

Schedule of Rates and Visits

In Finance -> Schedule of Rates you can set up Costs and Sales Rates  for contractors and clients. The rates are applied to job “visits” to  generate cost and sales values for the visit.  A visit is a record of the start and end times for each contractor visit to a site on a job. […]

Tax Rates

Here you can set up your different Tax Rates here and set the default Tax Rate.     These Rates will appear in the Purchase Order Items List.  

Finance Codes

You can set up your different Finance Codes here. Dropdowns will appear in the purchase orders and job details screen populated with the Code and Description. Use the Enable checkbox to choose whether to use it in the purchase orders area and job costs area. If enabled, then the finance code will appear in the […]

Time Records

Time Records and GPS/Location allows you to view, create and edit hours submitted by resources/contractors from the app or online portal.   It displays information such as when they started travelling, when they arrived at the site, and when they left the site. The location of these events is also available by selecting the icon […]

Time Sheets

The Finance -> Time Sheets area displays a list of all time sheets. The Time Sheet List can be sorted by selecting on the various column headings. Clicking on the View Details button next to any time sheet will allow you to take an in-depth look at a specific time sheet: This button takes you to the Time Sheet Details view: Each time […]


The Expenses page displays a list of expenses showing details such as what resource / user incurred the expense and the total cost of the expense.  By selecting More next to any item on the list, you are brought to the Expenses Details page where you can view more information about that particular expense: Within the Expense Details page there is also a […]

Resource Rate Cards

Resource Rate Cards allows you to set the hourly and call-out rates for your resources. This allows you to create the costs based on their time spent. Each resource can be assigned to one of these rate cards to determine their call out and hourly rates. If a resource is using the portal or app their […]

Client Contracts

Here you can create Client Contracts and attach your sites to a specific contract. You can assign Resources, Sites, Regions & Priorities to a contract and set budget information, sales margins and default Schedule of rates. The main list as seen below provides important information for each Contract. The triple dot button will reveal a […]

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