General FAQs

Is the Software available in different languages?

Yes, a default language will be set when the Client is created but once a user logs in he/she can navigate to the menu in the top right of the screen as seen below and change their language. A user with Full Access to the system can also manage language settings for each User or […]

Recommended Initial Steps and Guide For Going Live

Setting up Sites and Locations Each building can be set up as a site.  Each site in turn can be divided into locations and sub-locations.  Sites can be categorized into site types and regions – the site types and regions can be set up in the settings area.  Each site, location and sub-location can be […]

Resource Qualifications

In Settings –> Resource Qualifications you can create new Qualifications that can be used to manage and vet your contractors’ capability and qualifications. To set up a qualification select the Add Qualification button at the top-left of the page: This creates a row in the qualifications list where you can Name the qualification Set Validation Required For Instruction which […]

Can I Get A Free Trial

Yes! You can try the Trackplan FM software free for 15 days. You can request a free trial of Trackplan on our website here: Simply fill out the form and make sure to select “Trial software for 15 days”. We would recommend to request a trial after you have had a 1-to-1 demo of […]

I would like a 1-to-1 demo of Trackplan

If you are interested in an more in-depth walk-through of Trackplan with a member of our team, you can request a demo through our website here: All you have to do is fill out the form, and make sure to select “1-to-1 demo with Trackplan specialist”. You can also contact the support team using […]

Upload Centre

The Upload Centre is where you can upload new data and / or update data from a spreadsheet for Sites, Site Locations, Users, Resources, Assets, Jobs, Planned Maintenance Schedules, and Stock. The Upload Centre can be found in the Settings area, or within the drop-down selections from the sidebar. For each area mentioned above you can: Sites: Upload all of […]

How can I change the Job Contact Details?

The Job Contact Details can be changed using the Edit button on the Jobs Details page. The Contact Details by default are associated with the chosen site. However as seen below the default can be changed in the <-Settings->  <-Job Settings-> area to associate the details to the Assigned User.     In addition, in […]

Can I Do Risk Assessments with Trackplan?

The Form Designer feature of Trackplan is a great tool for creating many different types of forms, for example risk assessments. These risk assessments can then be attached to jobs or planned schedules, and set as required to ensure that they are read and completed before the job task can be signed off. Attaching a […]

QR Codes

Within Trackplan you have the option to attach QR codes to Assets, Sites, Locations, Sub Locations or even a Job so when the Job task is emailed to the contractor or sent down to the Resource App or Contractors Portal the QR code will be available to scan. Scanning the QR code when the Contractor […]

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