Planned Maintenance

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Planned Maintenance – Gantt / Timeline Style Report

The timeline report lets you keep track of all Planned Schedule Jobs. Filters along the top of the page can help you narrow your search. Filter on a specific site maybe and click ‘Run Report’ to see all jobs for that site. You can view all Job from the report and with the ‘Quick Actions’ […]

Planned Maintenance Overview

The Planned Maintenance area allows you to set-up, view, and manage Planned Jobs and Schedules. Planned Schedules must be set up for sites, locations, or assets (specifying an asset class). When creating a schedule, you will have the option to create the schedule for sites, locations, or assets: Multiple sites, locations, or assets can then be attached to […]

Planned Jobs

The Planned Jobs list shows a grid containing information on all planned jobs. You can view and edit details, complete, and cancel jobs by selecting the job number (#) from the list. You can customise the information displayed in the columns by checking columns you wish to include.  You can filter the Planned Jobs list by selecting […]

Planned Schedules

The Planned Schedules area allows you to view all Planned Schedules that have been created. Each schedule must be set up for sites, locations, or assets (specifying an asset class). Multiple sites, locations, or assets can then be attached to the planned schedule. The grid can be customized to show other columns related to your schedule as […]

Planned Maintenance Calendar

The Planned Maintenance Calendar is a calendar generated from all Planned Schedules. It can be ordered by Day, Week, Work Week (excluding weekends) and Month. You can also display a calendar based on Date, the Users or by the Resource: Another feature is the Agenda Week and Agenda Day. This provides a clear overview of the planned schedules based on […]

Planned Job Types

In the Settings -> Planned Job Types area, you can view, edit, delete, and create a new Job Type for planned and recurring work. These Job Types will allow you to define a job when creating a schedule. This also helps categorise jobs created by the schedule when jobs are generated. Select Add Job Type at the top-left of the page […]

Planned Schedule Categories

The Planned Schedule Categories area allows you to categorise your planned schedules. You can view, edit, delete, and create a new schedule category. If you have many planned schedules and there are several of you, then the categories will help to organise and develop your planned maintenance schedules. To create a schedule category select Add Schedule Category at the […]

Planned Linked Groups

The Settings -> Planned Linked Groups area allows you to set up groups to link planned schedules together so assets or sites added to one schedule will auto add to another. Also you can add supersede rules for smart scheduling. Please note: Schedules must be of the same item type (site, asset or location) to exist within the […]

All Planned Items

The Planned Items area shows planned schedules for all sites, assets, and locations. You can change the due date for the next job of any schedule, the resource and assigned user, and also deactivate the schedule to stop more planned jobs from being created. The Planned Items list can be sorted by selecting any of the column headings e.g. […]

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