Contractor Quote Confirmation Bands

In Settings –> Quote Settings you can manage Contractor Quote confirmation bands. Create as many Bands as you like and set the values. Using the pencil icon you then add Users to each band.  The quote will automatically be sent through the confirmation process if these are set.   Name – Name of the Confirmation Band […]

Resource Custom Fields

Resource Custom Fields can be very useful to capture additional information about that Resource. Example: Insurance Expiry Date. Step 1.  In the Main Resource List click the triple dots in the top right of the screen and then click Resource Custom Fields Step 2.  This will bring you to the Resource Forms – Custom Fields […]

How Do I Get The Mobile App?

PWA technology allows you to save a web application directly to the home screen of your mobile device, and use it like any other app. In order to get the Trackplan Apps, simply follow the steps outlined below: Resource, Manager & Requestor modules of the mobile App: Using a web browser on your device, go […]

Resources Overview

Contractors and internal engineers can be manually entered through the Resources area. Contractors can be given access to view, manage and complete their instructed jobs in the contractor portal. They can also create quotes, enter costs, upload documents, add job notes, and take photos. Resources can be chosen, and then instructed, for jobs that have been created. There is […]

Resource Details

The Resources Details area allows you to view and manage all relevant resource information: 1. The Resource Details tab allows you to view / edit the basic resource information such as their name, address, contact information, start date, salary, team, and resource type, as well as configure email notifications, job reminders, and budget / contract information. From the Details tab […]

Resource Trades

The Resource Trades area allows you to view, edit, delete, or create new Resource Trades. Resources can then be assigned to trades in the Resource Details page which will make selecting a resource for a job easier. To create a new trade, select the Add Trade button at the top-left of the page: This will create a new row in the list […]

Resource Qualifications

In Settings –> Resource Qualifications you can create new Qualifications that can be used to manage and vet your contractors’ capability and qualifications. To set up a qualification select the Add Qualification button at the top-left of the page: This creates a row in the qualifications list where you can Name the qualification Set Validation Required For Instruction which […]

Resource Ranking

The Resource Ranking area allows you to grade / rank each of your resources to help when choosing the right resource for a job. Once you set up a ranking, these can be updated for each contractor on the Regions and Trades Tab of the Resource Details page. This will aid in your decision to assign the […]

Compliance Forms

The Compliance Forms view displays a list of forms and the resource they are associated to. You can view and download a PDF version of the form with the following icons. The list of Compliance forms can be filtered by selecting Filter Button in the top right of the page which reveals the filter options. The list can also […]

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