Request Authorisations

Request Authorisations.  Step 1.  Enable the setting ‘Use Authorisation Process’ in Settings – Job Requests. Step 2.  Each user has a setting to allow them to authorise requests. This setting can be found in Users – General Settings – Job Request Workflow Settings – Can Authorise Requests. Step 3.  On the Job request details page […]

Remote Request QR Codes

For existing and newly created Assets, Sites, Locations or Sub locations a ‘Remote Request QR Code’ will be automatically generated. This will not effect Qr Codes that are already generated on the system. This link can be distributed to people either as a URL or printed as a Qr Code. When accessed, it will link […]

Auto approval of requests for certain job types and teams

When a job request is created, then the request (and subsequent job upon approval) can be assigned to a team dependent on the job type chosen during the creation of the request. You can now choose to have this request automatically approved when it is assigned to a particular team.  This saves time for certain […]

Trackplan Request App Introduction

The Request App has 2 main access levels. A Guest Access level and a User Access level. Guest Access level On the Site details page the client can generate a link that can be sent out to the tenant or staff member via email. When he/she clicks on the link they will be brought to […]

Job Requests

Job Requests are work orders raised by staff members or clients for work to be done. Multiple users can also share the one login in order to create requests. Requests can be created either by selecting the New Request button at the top-right of the Requests page: Or by clicking the +New button at the top-right of the main application view, and […]

Helpdesk Overview

Clients and end users can create “job requests” which the central team or helpdesk can then review and approve into full reactive jobs. These jobs can then be managed though a life-cycle from issuing the work to a contractor or internal engineer through to completion. Email notifications can be sent to the client and helpdesk […]

Job Request Settings

The Job Requests Settings area allows you to control how the form for creating a Job Request looks and works. You can also decide whether you want to accept requests by email. Select the Edit button at the top-right of the page to make changes:   The page is divided into sections based on the form section being modified. New Request […]

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