Remote Request QR Codes

For existing and newly created Assets, Sites, Locations or Sub locations a ‘Remote Request QR Code’ will be automatically generated. This will not effect Qr Codes that are already generated on the system. This link can be distributed to people either as a URL or printed as a Qr Code. When accessed, it will link […]

QR Codes for Sites, Locations and Sub-locations

Qr Codes can be generated for Sites, Locations or Sub-locations. To generate a Qr Code for a Site you can do this when you create a new Site or Edit an existing Site. To generate a code for a Location or Sub-location you can do this when editing the Location or Sub-location Details page. You […]

Sites Overview

The main Sites List page will display a grid of all the Sites. Sites can be broken out into Locations and Sub Locations. You can also filter the results shown: There are more options available by selecting the three dots beside the New Site button as shown below:   Excel Export – this allows the grid to be exported […]

Create a Site

The Sites List displays all the sites created in the application. The grid gives a detailed overview of the information about each site and can be customized by selecting the columns you would like to include in the grid: On this page you can Create a New Site. A new page will be displayed for you to populate […]

Site Types

The Site Types area allows you view, edit, delete, and create Site Types to further describe or categorise your sites. To create a Site Type, select Add Site Type at the top-left of the page:   This will create a new row in the list where you can populate the Site Type Name. Select Update in order to save the new Site Type and add it […]

Site Regions & Parent Regions

The Site Regions area allows you to view, edit, delete, and create Regions & Parent Regions to which Sites and Resources can then be assigned. Toggle between the 2 grids by clicking on the buttons in the top left of the screen. Create a region by selecting Add Region at the top-left of the page:   This will […]

Site Contacts

The Site Contacts list displays the contact information for each site. The grid can be arranged by site, contact name, individual contact information, or user type. The grid can also be exported as an excel sheet from the top-right of the page as shown below: Selecting a Site from this list will take you to the Site Details page. […]

Site Custom Fields

The Site Custom Fields area allows you to set up a form of fields / questions which then can be allocated to a Site or collection of Sites. The Custom Fields Forms enable you to capture additional information to suit your organisation and to match the different needs of your sites. Set up as many forms as you like to […]

Site Date Reports

Site Date Reports displays dates from the Site Custom Fields across all of your sites. It specifically shows dates that have been flagged to receive “Expiry Reminders“. The Site Date Reports grid can be organised by Site Name, Form Name, Question Name, or Date by selecting the title of the column you wish to order by: Selecting a Site Name will lead to the Site Details page where […]

Setting Up Locations & Sub Locations

Each building can be set up as a site. Each site in turn can be divided into Locations and Sub-Locations. The main Sites List view displays a list of all the Sites that have been created. Each Site can be assigned a Location and Sub-Location. Clicking on a Site name in this list will take you to the Site […]

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