Stock Overview

The Stock list page will display a grid of all Stock which can be sorted by selecting the heading of the column you choose to sort by. The Create Stock button at the top-right of the Stock List view brings you to a new page where you can populate information for the new stock and save it to the Stock List. Clicking […]

Stock Categories

In the Stock Categories page you can view, edit, delete, and create a new stock category. To add a new stock category, select the Add Stock Category button at the top-left of the page: This will create a new blank row in the Stock Category list for you to populate with a Stock Category name. Select Update to save the new Stock Category and add […]

Stock Levels

The Stock Levels list displays the stock held in different storage areas, and assets which includes the stock levels. Filters along the top of the page help you refine your search. The three dots next to the More button provide an option to export the Stock Levels list to an Excel sheet: You can adjust the Stock Level and Reorder Level […]

Storage Areas

Storage Areas displays a list of Storage Areas and the details relating to each area.  The three dots next to the Add Storage Area button will reveal more options: Stock Audit Trail – this will prompt a pop-up with a full Audit Trail which can give information regarding the transfer of stock. This can be exported […]

Purchase Orders / Material Requests

Purchase orders can be created against a Job or stand alone. You can create a PO from the ‘Purchase Order’ tab on the Job Details page or in the Finance Area.   Purchase Orders / Material Requests displays all purchase orders created. You can select each PO Number which brings you to the PO / Material Request […]

How to Transfer Stock on a Job

Step 1 On the stock tab of the job, choose Transfer Stock: Step 2 Select the storage area (e.g. site / location) that you are transferring the stock to:   Step 3 A list of all available stock levels then appears showing the stock name, code, storage area and stock levels. From here you can select […]

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