Contractor Portal

Price Catalogues

The Price Catalogues module can be found via the finance module on the side bar. (By default only Full Access users have access to this module). Price Catalogues and Price Catalogue Items can be uploaded via our upload centre or created one by one. 2. Each Resource can have a Default Price Catalogue and this […]

Start and leave task with QR code scanning option

Steps to activate start and leave QR code option Step 1. In the main application navigate to the Site details page where you will see the below setting with 3 options in the dropdown. Choose the desired option. Step 2. In the main application navigate to the Resource –> Portal & App tab where there […]

Schedule of Rates and Visits

In Finance -> Schedule of Rates you can set up Costs and Sales Rates  for contractors and clients. The rates are applied to job “visits” to  generate cost and sales values for the visit.  A visit is a record of the start and end times for each contractor visit to a site on a job. […]

Contractor sign in and sign out with QR Codes

Contractor sign in and sign out with QR Codes 1. A unique QR Code can be generated for an instructed job to a resource. 2. This unique task QR code can then be sent to the engineer or contractor via email and will appear on the task page for the Resource app or Contractor Portal. […]

Contractor Portal Overview

Sign in to the Contractors Portal via the Main Application sign in page.     Once Logged in the Options dropdown in the top right of the page will provide you with all the information available to you.   Dashboard – A Dashboard view showing number of Reactive & Planned open and overdue Jobs, Reactive & […]

Contractor Portal Set-up

Internal or external Contractors can be given access to the Contractors Portal from the Portal & App tab on the Resource Details page. From here the Online Portal Settings Column has a number of settings to allow access. Can Login? – Set this to YES to allow access Username – Set a Username Password – […]

Job Costs

The Costs tab of the Job Details page allows you to view, create, and update costs directly against jobs and job tasks: The Costs tab in the job details displays the Job Costs for that job.  The job costs can also be seen across all jobs from the Finance -> Job Costs area. From these two areas you can view, edit and […]

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