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Report Manager

Trackplan has a Report Manager that allows you to view and manage reports. Each report can be extended with a variety of filters, and you can control which users have access to certain reports. You can also schedule reports to be sent out to users on a set frequency. The Reports List area can be found here […]

Can I Create My Own Customised Reports?

With Trackplan you can create your own customised reports using the various filters and grid customisation options available for each item list (for example reactive and planned jobs, planned schedules, time records, form results etc.). Each item list, or grid, in the main Trackplan application will have a Filters option. For example, on the Reactive Jobs List […]

Dashboard Views

Trackplan has a library of 11 dashboard views available for you to choose from. It is as simple as two clicks to change your main dashboard view so you can access the information you want to see. The various dashboard views are easy to use and understand, and a great tool for the helpdesk as […]

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