App Manager

In Settings -> App Manager you can easily keep track of all users & resources who have access to the apps. You can also create new app users, sync data if needed and have access to instructions on how to set up the app on your device.

User Role Manager

In Settings –> User Role Manager you can create specific roles/permissions for users. The list is populated with the 13 Trackplan Roles. Create your own by clicking ‘Create New Role’.  Give the Role a name and description and click Update. By clicking the ‘Pencil’ icon you can then choose from the list of 88 different […]

Job Sign Off Workflows

In Settings –> ‘Sign Off Steps’ you can activate and create templates and steps to produce Job sign off Workflows. To activate this feature set ‘Enable Sign Off Steps’ to Yes. Click ‘Add Sign Off Template’ to create your first template. Give the Template a name and save. At this point you have the ability […]

Contractor Quote Confirmation Bands

In Settings –> Quote Settings you can manage Contractor Quote confirmation bands. Create as many Bands as you like and set the values. Using the pencil icon you then add Users to each band.  The quote will automatically be sent through the confirmation process if these are set.   Name – Name of the Confirmation Band […]

Dashboard Designer

Settings – Dashboard Designer allows the user to design their own dashboard with different Headers, Grids and Charts. Your own personalised dashboard can then be the landing page on logging in. This can be set in Users – Users General Settings – Display Settings. Step 1  – Add Dashboard & Name it Step 2  – […]

Custom Field Names/Labels

Settings – Custom Field Names/Labels allows the user to rename all the major labels and tags in the main application. As per screenshot below you can choose a certain view from the dropdown, Edit what tag you need to rename and click update. **Note – Make sure to logout and login to trigger the new […]

Escalation Rules

Settings – Escalation Rules allows the user to set up Rules, Triggers and actions for Jobs that are overdue for nearly due. Click ‘Create Escalation Rule’ to create a new rule. As per screenshot above we have created a rule named ‘One day after Due Date’, the trigger is 1 day after ‘Expected Complete Date […]

Job Note Types & Note Groups

Settings – Job Note Types & Note Groups allows the user to: Set up Job Note Types, then on the Job details page you can assign a note to a note type. The note will then be sent out to the email addresses that you set under Emails to Send Note to. You can include […]

Single Sign On Settings For Microsoft

Settings – Single Sign On Settings For Microsoft allows the user to set default behaviours and values for staff/users that will be using the SSO option. Tenant ID / Organisation ID – Configure your Microsoft Tenant ID. This is provided by microsoft and is also known as the Organisation ID. SSO Behaviour – Set the behaviour […]

Additional Dropdowns

Settings – Additional Dropdowns allows the user to pre-populate up to 3 dropdowns that appear when creating or editing an Asset, Site, Location or Sublocation.  The Label for each dropdown can also be changed in Settings – Custom Field Names/Labels.   As per screenshot below from the Create Asset page you can see Critical & […]

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