Price Catalogues

The Price Catalogues module can be found via the finance module on the side bar. (By default only Full Access users have access to this module). Price Catalogues and Price Catalogue Items can be uploaded via our upload centre or created one by one. 2. Each Resource can have a Default Price Catalogue and this […]

User Access Policy

User Access Policies can be created in the settings area. (By default only Full Access users have access to this module). Here you can create multiple policies by clicking the create button. Once created, the list of policies will be available to choose per User of Usertype. Per User via the ‘User Access Policy’ tab […]

Request Authorisations

Request Authorisations.  Step 1.  Enable the setting ‘Use Authorisation Process’ in Settings – Job Requests. Step 2.  Each user has a setting to allow them to authorise requests. This setting can be found in Users – General Settings – Job Request Workflow Settings – Can Authorise Requests. Step 3.  On the Job request details page […]

Message Basket

A messaging module for incoming emails from resources, 3rd party systems and requests. This new messaging module is a very useful feature that could have many benefits for you.   Any emails you currently receive from other software systems or 3rd parties can be captured as messages in Trackplan.  This will include any attached documents.  And […]

Job & Task Custom PDF designer

Settings –> Job Settings –> Print Job and Instruct Job Worksheet PDF & Print Job Task and Job Task Completion PDF allows the user to design how the PDF looks when printed. Print Job and Instruct Job Worksheet PDF The job details can be printed off to PDF. This can be generated by: – The Print […]

Job Type Groups

Settings – Job Type Groups is an advanced feature where you can restrict what job types are available to users when creating a request or a job. Here you can map Job Types to Job Type Groups. By assigning a User to a Job Type Group, you can restrict them to the corresponding Job Types when […]

Schedule of Rates and Visits

In Finance -> Schedule of Rates you can set up Costs and Sales Rates  for contractors and clients. The rates are applied to job “visits” to  generate cost and sales values for the visit.  A visit is a record of the start and end times for each contractor visit to a site on a job. […]

App Manager

In Settings -> App Manager you can easily keep track of all users & resources who have access to the apps. You can also create new app users, sync data if needed and have access to instructions on how to set up the app on your device.

User Role Manager

In Settings –> User Role Manager you can create specific roles/permissions for users. The list is populated with the 13 Trackplan Roles. Create your own by clicking ‘Create New Role’.  Give the Role a name and description and click Update. By clicking the ‘Pencil’ icon you can then choose from the list of 88 different […]

Job Sign Off Workflows

In Settings –> ‘Sign Off Steps’ you can activate and create templates and steps to produce Job sign off Workflows. To activate this feature set ‘Enable Sign Off Steps’ to Yes. Click ‘Add Sign Off Template’ to create your first template. Give the Template a name and save. At this point you have the ability […]

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