Trackplan Resource App

Contractor sign in and sign out with QR Codes

Contractor sign in and sign out with QR Codes 1. A unique QR Code can be generated for an instructed job to a resource. 2. This unique task QR code can then be sent to the engineer or contractor via email and will appear on the task page for the Resource app or Contractor Portal. […]

Resource App Image Editing

With the Trackplan Resource App you can edit and draw over an image when on a job. When you open the Job Details of any job in the Jobs List you will see the “Photos Sent to App”  or “Photos Taken From App” section. This section will display any images that have been attached to […]

Trackplan Resource App Introduction

The Trackplan apps use PWA technology, which allows you to save a web application directly to the home screen of your mobile device, and use like any other app.   When you have successfully saved the Trackplan Resource / Contractor app to your device, you are free to sign in using your resource user login […]

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