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Job Sign Off Workflows

In Settings –> ‘Sign Off Steps’ you can activate and create templates and steps to produce Job sign off Workflows. To activate this feature set ‘Enable Sign Off Steps’ to Yes. Click ‘Add Sign Off Template’ to create your first template. Give the Template a name and save. At this point you have the ability […]

Advanced Job Routing

Settings – Advanced Job Routing allows newly created jobs or requests to be assigned to a Team , Assigned User or Resource based on the Job Type / Sub Type and where the job is located (site / location / sub-location, Region) or site type.   Click on ‘Add Routing’ to reveal a pop up […]

Additional Questions for Job Completion

When contractors are completing a job you have the ability to capture additional information if you wish by attaching an Additional Questions Form. In the Settings -> Job Settings area, you will find the Completed Job Settings section: In this section you can enable the “Ask for Job Substatus when Jobs are Completed” , “Out of Service […]

Job Completion by a Resource

Completion of a job task by a resource (contractor / engineer) can fully complete job, or the status can be set to “Resource Confirmed Complete” still requiring full sign-off by a more senior member, or by the help-desk. These settings can be configured in the Portal & App  tab of the Resource Details page: In the Portal […]

Sending a Job for Authorisation

Jobs can be set up for authorisation. This can be done in two ways: 1. When creating a new job, you can choose “Requires Authorisation” in the Job Category section: Job Categories can be set up in Settings –> Job Categories. This will set the status of the Job to ‘Requires Auth’ 2. For jobs that have […]

Jobs and Job Tasks

For more complex jobs you can break the job into smaller tasks, and specify the resource and date/time for each. You can do this by going to the Job tasks tab on the Job Details view: This will display the Job Tasks view: The Job Tasks view also allows you to export the job tasks to an excel sheet: Selecting Add Task will display a […]

Job Quotes and Estimates

The Quotes Module is split into: Contractor Quotes – Quotes that come from contractors/engineers via the Contractors Portal, Resource App or emailed into the client. Sales Quotes – Sales quotes can be created independently or against a Job. For independent Sales quotes you will get an option to create a New job when quote is […]

Job Approval and Completion

When a job request is created, the request details page will display the following options: Approve – Approve the request. Approving the request will allow you to either create a new job from the request, or send the request for authorisation: “Approve Request And Create Job” will take you to the Create a New Job page. “Send Request […]

Work Orders as Job Requests

Work Orders / Issues can be created as a job request, which can then be approved into reactive jobs. These requests can be sent for authorisation, and the requester can confirm or reject the work that has been done: When a new request has been created in the main application, the request details page will […]

Workflow Overview

Trackplan has several workflow methods that help with job management: 1. Work Orders / Issues can be created as a Job Request, which can then be approved into reactive jobs. These requests can be sent for authorisation, and the requester can confirm or reject the work that has been done.   2. Jobs can be […]

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