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Job & Task Custom PDF designer

Settings –> Job Settings –> Print Job and Instruct Job Worksheet PDF & Print Job Task and Job Task Completion PDF allows the user to design how the PDF looks when printed. Print Job and Instruct Job Worksheet PDF The job details can be printed off to PDF. This can be generated by: – The Print […]

Job Sign Off Workflows

In Settings –> ‘Sign Off Steps’ you can activate and create templates and steps to produce Job sign off Workflows. To activate this feature set ‘Enable Sign Off Steps’ to Yes. Click ‘Add Sign Off Template’ to create your first template. Give the Template a name and save. At this point you have the ability […]

Transport Jobs

For any Client looking more information on this feature contact us at The Transport Module in Trackplan is only relevant to clients who Transport people or items from A to B. It starts by clicking on New Transport Request. 2. From here you can create a new Transport request. 3. You can then choose […]

Further Works and Duplicate Job

Further Works and Duplicate buttons for Job details – As per the below screenshot, click on the triple dot button to access the 2 features. Duplicate Job – By clicking this it will create a new identical job and populate all the major fields like, site, location, sub location, assigned user, team contract and asset. […]

Revenue Jobs

We have added a new flag to each job called “Revenue Job”.  By default, each new job will be classified as a revenue job. But if it is “request for quote”, it will not be classified into a revenue job until the quote has been approved. The revenue job filter is on reports and the […]

Booking Schedules and Job Booking

Booking Schedules Booking Schedules are perfect for Facilities Management Companies who maintain public or private housing.  These schedules can be set up and attached to Reactive Jobs  or Planned Schedules. The booking schedule is attached to a job, then lets you send out a booking request email to end users (for example residents or job […]

Archive Rules for Jobs

Settings – Archive Rules allows the user to archive off jobs which have been completed for a long time and you no longer want showing on the live operational system. From here the User can Create Archive Rules with 5 different Rule Types as seen the in screen shot below. You also have to specify […]

Jobs Overview

The Jobs area allows you to manage all reactive and planned jobs. The main Jobs List will display all jobs and can be sorted or filtered around multiple selections. Trackplan allows you to manage each job down to every detail. Large jobs can be broken down into job tasks, you can manage the costs, quotes, assets, and stock for […]

Jobs List

The Jobs List view helps you to observe key job information row by row in one clear list. You can filter the jobs on any criteria, including a text box that allows you to search by job number. Click on More at the top right of the page to reveal the filtering options: The grid can be sorted by […]

Job Details

The Job Details area allows you to view and manage all relevant information about a specific job: The Job Details view can be accessed by clicking on the job number in the Jobs List: 1. The Job Details tab allows you to view / edit the basic job information such as job description, type / sub-type, status / sub-status, category, priority, costs, […]

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