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Instruct a Resource on a Job

For each job you have the option to instruct a resource, or multiple resources. This will associate the job with this particular resource(s) and you also have the option to send an SMS or an Email notification. This can be done on the Job Details page. From the Job Details tab you can decide between a single resource, or […]

Jobs Calendar

The Jobs Calendar shows all upcoming planned and reactive jobs. The Jobs Calendar has numerous filters and viewing options to allow you view it in exactly the way you choose: The Jobs Calendar view can be sorted by Date, Assigned User group, or by Resource: The Jobs Calendar can also be filtered by day, week, month, agenda week / agenda day: Note that within […]

Additional Questions for Job Completion

When contractors are completing a job you have the ability to capture additional information if you wish by attaching an Additional Questions Form. In the Settings -> Job Settings area, you will find the Completed Job Settings section: In this section you can enable the “Ask for Job Substatus when Jobs are Completed” , “Out of Service […]

Time Records

The Time Records area allows you to view and edit hours submitted by resources / contractors from the app or online portal. It displays information such as when they started travelling, when they arrived at the site, and when they left the site. The Date / Times section of the list will display date / time information for Travel Start, […]

Job Costs

The Costs tab of the Job Details page allows you to view, create, and update costs directly against jobs and job tasks: The Costs tab in the job details displays the Job Costs for that job.  The job costs can also be seen across all jobs from the Finance -> Job Costs area. From these two areas you can view, edit and […]

Job Settings

The Settings -> Job Settings area allows you to configure job settings in order to collect additional information when users create New Jobs and Completed Jobs. Select Edit to make your changes and Save once you are finished New Jobs Settings Job Type – Make the job type and sub type required fields in the Required section or have as optional in Additional Information. Job […]

Job Custom Fields Form

In Jobs -> Custom Fields you are able to create your own Custom Fields Form in order to capture additional information about different job types. The Custom Fields Form allows you to create a template of fields or questions to capture specific information, and you can associate the form with one or more particular job types. You can also create as […]

Alert Types

The Alert Types area allows you to create alerts which can be assigned to jobs in order to better describe the alert being raised. You can create alerts on a job at any time from the Jobs Details -> Alerts tab. To create an alert type, select the Add Alert Type button at the top-left of the page: This will create a new row […]

Job Categories

The Settings -> Job Categories area allows you to view, edit, delete, and create job categories. Job Categories can be used however you wish. They can be used to describe the budget status of a job e.g. Project, Term Maintenance. They can also be used to specify whether this category of job requires authorisation. If self-billing for […]

Job Statuses

The Settings -> Job Statuses area allows you to set up your own sub status for each main status to add more information to each stage of the job. The list of Job Statuses appear showing the number of open jobs under each status. Clicking on the arrow next to any status will display a sub-list of Job Sub Statuses. From […]

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